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In View Golf

Learn more about 'In View Golf' (deals, coupons, contests and events)

Monday thru Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10a-3p


7048 Old Canton Rd, Ridgeland, MS. 601-707-5053                                                            
Jay McNamee, PGA Professional,  jmcnamee@pga.com


7048 Old Canton Rd Ridgeland, MS 39157
Learn more about 'In View Golf'

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Featured Deal: $35 for $70 Worth of One Private Golf Lesson from In View Golf

In View Golf...Where its always 72 degrees with a slight breeze! Play golf indoors and complete 18 holes in less than an hour. Golf simulation is perfect for everyone from the new golfer to the accomplished player. Famous courses such as Peeble Beach, St Andrews, and Spyglass are available. In View Golf offers enclosed hitting stations featuring large flat screen TV's and 12 ft by 9 ft projection screens. At In View Golf you feel as if you are on the real course. You can listen to the birds sing, hear the applause of the gallery, and have no worries of bad weather. Play night or day, rain or shine, and take advantage of this great deal of $20 for $40 worth of simulation golf.

About In View Golf

What is In View Golf ?

In View Golf is a PGA of America reconized Indoor Driving Range and Instructional Facility.
Recent advancements in laser and computer technology make it possible for
everyone to access golf swing data previously available to only PGA and LPGA touring professionals.
Using this technology a golfer can learn more about their swing in 30 minutes than is possible in 30  trips
to a traditional driving range.

What is the Technology ?

In View Golf  houses three private state of the art, full swing practice bays equiped with
Golf Achiever II Laser launch monitors which measure each golf swing for:
• Golf shot distance, direction, and trajectory
• Clubhead speed, angle, and path
• Golf ball speed and center of contact
The data is relayed via computer and displayed on a large monitor for your analysis.

What Else ?

In View Golf goes a step further using VAS video software, each swing is recorded and displayed along
with the laser data for your analysis. This allows you to actually see and  measure the results of grip, set up,
and swing changes in an instant. The VCR format slow motion playback controls, user friendly drawing tools,
and automatic swing editing make our system simple to use.

Can this Technology Benefit Beginners ?

Absolutely ! Beginners will be able to view initial set up and swing positions, instantly. Adjustments can then be made before bad habits are developed. In addition, the focus is on the swing not the ball, this aids in developing sound fundementals. 

Can In View Golf help my Putting ?

In View Golf recognizing that putting is 40% of the game, has installed a Putters Edge putting green that produces a realistic feel, speed, and roll. Our state of the art TOMI putting tracking system evaluates each putting stroke for:
• Putter alignment at address and Impact
• Stroke path, shaft angle, and contact spot at impact
• Stroke tempo and speed at impact

The data is evaluated, and a computer print out is generated for your analysis.

Is Professional Instruction offered ?

In View Golf is owned and operated by Class A PGA Professional, Jay McNamee. Single and lesson series packages are available for adults and juniors of  all levels from beginner to advanced.  All lessons utilize Laser launch monitor data and VAS video technology to evaluate the needs of each  individual. Golf swing fundementals and goals are discussed, and adjustments are made to produce improvement, immediately. It is our belief, there exist many correct ways to swing a golf club, we strive to improve fundementals with-in the framework of your natural swing.

How much does it cost ?

In View Golf works much like a traditional Driving Range. The golfer is assigned a private bay equipped with Laser Launch monitor,  video capture technology, and a user friendly computer station. Practice sessions are timed in 30 minute and 60 minute intervals,  Practice alone or bring a friend. In View offers many practice packages for as little as $ 15 for a 30 minute session.
Private Lessons with PGA Professional, Jay McNamee are offered for as little as $ 50 per lesson. TOMI putting analysis is offered for as little as $ 25 per session.  

Conveniently located

In View Golf is located in Trace Harbour Village Shopping Center at 7048 Old Canton Rd.
Location is between Lake Harbour Drive and Rice Rd. near the Natchez Trace entrance.

Best of All

Improve your game night or day, hot or cold, rain or shine, stop by to loosen up before a round, after a long day on the links,

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7048 Old Canton Rd Ridgeland MS, 39157